Néprajzi Kiállítóterem (Ethnical Exhibition Room)

Kisújszállás, Petõfi street nr. 5 (periodic exhibition)

The attendant of the exhibition is the Culture and Youth Center

Teljes méret
The exhibition is nearly a museum looking at the size of the collection. It's placed in the building of the one time school Morgó. The will of the people who wanted to make this town more beautiful made this collection of farming instruments and folk furniture. The collection is the merit of high school teacher Zsoldos István, he made the attentive inventory too. After his death the exhibition is under the control of the Culture Center, and it's still an exhibition opened every summer.

The house was built in 1781, the plan was made by Rabl Károly. The veranda and the areaway was built in baroque style. You can go inside from the Petõfi street trough the typical coffin postern.

Sometime the building was a pub, only at the beginning of the 20th century became a school, industrial apprentices learned here, after that it was a popular-school. After 1971 the city decided that from the collection which was kept in the high school will be made an exhibition and opened it to visitors. In the bigger room we can see ethnical, first of all farming objects, the minor one is equipped as a traditional room.

Teljes méret
You can also see a collection of ceramics. The big collection of harnesses, carpenter and shoemaker workshop that are in storage are a priceless collection of Kisújszállás.

A collection about the local history isn't without antecedent. The idea of a museum was first born at the beginning of the 20th century. The museum was based on the collection of the noted high school.  A letter of advice from 1877 gives news about a coin collection with 255 pieces.  Karácsony Béla a teacher in the high school in the 1899/1900 almanac writes about 1712 coins (silver coin 615, copper coin 908, paper money 152, medals 37). But in the inventory there can be found all kinds of antiquities: florid water-bottles, tulip painted beds, tile watering can and pipe kits. The collection augmented.  The last numerical information about the collection we have is from a 1931/32 advice note that say about 1186 pieces of antiquities and 3764 coins.

Teljes méret
Everything has been destroyed in the second world war.

On the ashes of this collection dreamed Zsoldos István about the new museum. He collected the pieces over thirty years , and he had help from the staff of the county museum, and from the city that later one gave home for the collection.