Tájház (Traditional House)

Teljes méret
Kisújszállás, Széchenyi street nr. 58 (periodic exhibition)

The attendant of the Tájház( Traditional House) is the Culture and Youth Center. You can visit if you give previously an announcement on the phone number +36/59-520-786.

Next to the number four high road, under Széchényi street nr. 58 is the Tájház (Traditional House) built in the classical style. The house was owned by the Ábri family, and they say that it was built in 1676. The last owner was Ábri Károly. From 1995 the house is an art relic and it was bought by the city. First it was operating as a Tourinform Office, and from 1997 it opened as a Tájház (Traditional House) to visitors as a periodic exhibition. It's owned by the local government, but the conservator is the local community center. The house can be visited if you give a previous announcement. The house has three rooms, the bedroom has peasant furniture from the late 19th century, the other two rooms have civil furniture, they are owned by dr. Puskás Tamás.
Teljes méret
The little chamber is to the right the big chamber to the left, both have windows to the court. In the big chamber there's a corn garner and the usual rural equipment. In the little chamber there are the regular household materials: strainer, side-table and a tulip decorated graven box.

Once the house must have been the last one in the city, because the back of it is totally closed, only the parts from the court on the south elevation are opened. The structure of the township was different in those days, parcels without fence and with houses and pounds. The position of the house shows that there should been a huge farm of animal stock.  There is an equerry, a cellar and big pounds too. The cellar can be seen on a photo taken in 1968. One of the pounds that is built on a unique way on a timber base, is still standing today.

Dr. Bartha Júlia, ethnographer