Papi Lajos Alkotóház (Artificer House)

Teljes méret
Kisújszállás, Nyár street nr. 8 (periodic exhibition)

The attendant of the Alkotóház ( Artificer House) is the Culture and Youth Center.

It is named after Papi Lajos sculptor, who lived and composed in this house until his death in 1987.

Papi Lajos was born in Kisújszállás in 1921. He has several exhibitions from 1945. His artwork can be seen in the court of the Alkotóház (Artificer House), in the memorial park, in the salon of the city hall, in the high school and in the building of the boarding school.

His works can be seen in Szolnok, Pécs, Sopron, the Villányi Nemzetkozi Szoborpark (International Statue Park in Villány), in Poland and Slovakia. In the court and the exhibition room in the Alkotóház (Artificer House) you can see the collection of his works. Also here are those three exhibition rooms where the works of local and contemporary artist are on view all year long. In 2008 an exhibition named Szalmaház (Straw House) has opened in one of the rooms.

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