Tourinform Office

5310 Kisújszállás, Szabadság square nr. 7.

Tel.: 59/610-530, 59/886-928

Touristic service:

Thanks to the Tourinform Office that is part of the nationwide network, we can fully inform you about our town and our region. Information about the quarters, the places of interest, cultural events and restaurants etc.

We are waiting for you and your family to come and spend a few pleasant days in our hospitable city.


In our office you can get free information about

   - local events, programs,

   - quarters in Kisújszállás,

   - events, places of interest, tours, quarters, restaurants all over the country,  

   - maps, publications,

   - different hungarian holiday packs and opportunities.

In our office you can find free brochures from all over the country.