Kumánia Thermal Spa

Get to know Kumania situated in the heart of Great Cumania,
relax and refresh yourself at us.

The institute opened its gates in 2012. Besides the spa they have a hotel, youth hostel, camping and therapy as well so they can provide complex services for their guests. They welcome children in their indoor and outdoor children pools, slides and water toys while their parents can choose from various medical baths, bubble baths and saunas. Besides bathing they offer several programmes throughout the year for their guests - sauna programmes, culinary and traditional events, children workshops.
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They named their pools after border areas of the town Kisújszállás with words of Cumanian origin which were bordered or are still bordered by water. They offer various sporting facilities on the spa area e.g. beach volleyball, foot tennis, beach football (they have a standard beach football pitch!), badminton and chess.

On their boat lake you can rent boats and pedalboats.
Every day: 07:00-20:00


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Day tickets and services:
You can choose from different options: day ticket, swimming ticket, sauna world, slide, caracalla light therapy massage tub, aquafitness, babyswim, combined and group tickets etc.

Season tickets: Kumánia Spa offers several diferent season tickets for its returning customers which offers discounts to services of the complex. You can choose from different options: student, child, pensioner, adult season ticket, combined 5 or 10 occasions or annual season ticket, morning/evening swimming season ticket etc.

Wellness massages:Who would not like to be massaged after a tiring day? We have plenty of those at Kumánia. You can make your recreation more complete with our wellness massages. Choose from our colourful offers: aromatherapy, honey, salt, chocolate, relaxing, refreshing, paprika cream, foot, healing, unique pálinka.
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  • Oily thai massage
  • Aynur gift shop
  • Pool buffet
  • Sports facilities
  • Water programmes
  • Events


 H-5310 Kisújszállás, Rákóczi u. 12.
GPS coordinates: N47.2213853 , E 20.7541785
Phone: +36-59/88-77-11
E-mail: furdo@kumania.hu
Web: www.kumania.hu
FB: www.facebook.com/kumaniagyogyfurdo

Getting there
Road: main road 4, 50 kms east of Szolnok
Railway: the Budapest-Szolnok-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-záhony railway line with direct stop.