Welcome to the city's homepage

Dear traveler,

Welcome on the web page of Kisújszállás! Step in, look around, have a good time here with us in this intimate little city, one of the privileged places on the lowlands. This is how we feel about our city together with poet Csukás István.

The posterity of the cuman fighters are greeting you, who were sent here by King IV Béla to protect our country. We had a hard time in our history, the tartar and the turkish destructions, the combustions, droughts and floods, the getaway after the Rákóczi freedom fight then the comeback to the homeland in 1717, the forced migration of hundreds of families to Bácska in 1786. The chronicles store the pain of a city which was subdued by the world wars, and the acridity of the decades after 1948.

But the afflictions didn't enfeebled our community, it strengthened it. For example the Nagykun cities and Kisúszállás collected the money in 1745 to buy back the countryside from Maria Theresa that was sold to the Teutonic Knights, this way saving the people from bondage. In the revolution in 1948/49 our city stood as one beside freedom and independence, giving fighters and ammunition to Kossuth. But do you need a bigger example for the power of our community? We work, and raise our children, and we cultivate our traditions. This is the way we live today, here in the Nagykunság.

We are pleased by the visitors. If you want to relax we recommend the thermal spa, our ancient horse riding culture, the delicious cuman meals, our exhibitions and you can watch our statues placed on public places. You can come to know our collection of Moricz-relics, or we offer great tours and hikes. If you're interested in the local business life we will show you our plans, and actual expansion programs, and this web page shows the way to our local ventures. For the local visitors we offer all kind of information about the local government events, the office administration, we present the non-governmental organizations and all kind of news from the Kisbíró newsletter. We hope that we can provideyou the informations that are an indispensable in you life.

We build a web page that lives, that is refreshed day by day, that is formed by the pretenses of our readers, so we wait your opinion. And we wait the visitors and local citizens to make our city more snug.

István Kecze